What Is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy involves the administration of medications using intravenous, subcutaneous and other routes. Drug therapies commonly administered through infusion include antibiotics, chemotherapy, pain management, parenteral nutrition and many others. Diagnosis and conditions commonly requiring infusion therapy include infections, cancer, pain, gastrointestinal diseases or disorders, congestive heart failure, immune disorders, growth hormone deficiencies and more.



Ambulatory Infusion Care is a home infusion pharmacy that provides intravenous (IV) and other therapies in the comfort of a patient's home. It is a patient's right to choose where he or she receives infusion therapy, and the home setting can help promote an improved quality of life as the patient recovers.

A patient is a candidate for home infusion therapy if:

  • Medically stable
  • Able and willing to perform self-administration or have a responsible and dependable caregiver who can be trained to perform the infusion.
  • Meets insurance guidelines for coverage or has adequate financial resources to cover cost of therapy. We will always inform the patient of his/her financial responsibility BEFORE any delivery is made.

Home infusion therapy is ordered by a physician, typically along with weekly lab tests. The pharmacist then determines how best to prepare the medication and how it should be infused. The pharmacist also evaluates the weekly lab results and makes recommendations to the physician if changes are necessary.

Medications are prepared by a pharmacist in a USP 797-compliant, ISO Class 5 environment. Our staff has significant experience in pediatric and adult IV therapy and is committed to quality patient care and positive outcomes. We have a pharmacist and a nurse on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Medications and supplies are delivered to the patient's home by our delivery technicians, who contact the patient weekly to assess supply needs. Since we are local, we have a rapid response time (same-day service usually available).

Therapies are billed directly to insurance companies, and payment plans are available for non-covered portions.

We work with most local nursing agencies, who will provide a nurse to train the patient/caregiver until they are able to independently administer the medication. We also have our own nurses on staff who can provide nursing services for some therapies as well as nursing support and in-services for outside nursing agencies.